Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Caught Somewhere Between a Woman and a Child

Back when I was a young girl I used to think I would never grow up. It just seemed impossible, I thought I would forever be the same little shy girl with dirt on her shirt and scrapes on her knees from climbing trees all day. I never thought I would ever sneak out of the house or take a sip of alcohol, drive a car, play varsity ball, design my own prom dress, or graduate high school. It just always seemed like a lifetime away. I graduate high school next week, the 11th. And I'm scared because I just want to hold on to those care free days, the days when I ran through the sprinklers on a hot sunny day or the days when I helped my mom bake cookies. Unfortunately life doesn't allow us to hold on like that we have to move on....or do we? I have found the loop hole. Keep yourself childlike. Hold on to your faith as a child would. Keep your mind full of wonder as a child would. Keep your soul full of thirst for knowledge as a child would. Discover, explore, love unconditionally, sing, dance, scream, laugh........hold on to those qualities in which a child holds. After all they know less of evil and believe in more good. Everyone has to grow up physically but one can always choose to stay young in their heart.

It is the childlike mind that finds the kingdom.

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