Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hi, It's a little late but let me introduce myself...!

I just thought I would introduce myself with a few random facts...
I was born in Oregon but I am convinced that I belong in New York City..
..Or I might belong in Paris I'm not sure, but I sure do {love} Paris. I spent eight days there last summer.
When I was younger I carved my name into my moms antique piano...sorry mom.
I joined the Army about a year ago and I leave for Basic Training July 12, 2010.
I also have this secret aspiration of becoming a drill Sergeant...but I am too obsessed with the fashion industry so that probably wont happen.
I absolutely {HATE} scary movies and every time someone tries to get me to watch one with them it makes me want to shove their face into the nearest wall.
I still don't know how to tie my shoes the right way.
I love getting assigned papers in English class because I love to write, which is why I started blogging because {high school} is coming to and end for me.
I paint my fingernails a different color almost everyday.
But my toenails always stay the same color....red.
I love to read but I don't do it very often, if that makes sense. And I usually end up reading more than one book at a time.
I am scared to death of snakes. Small snakes and huge snakes....medium snakes scare me less.
I will watch the same movie {everyday} for weeks...I don't know what it is.
I love the South.
My family is frickin crazy but I would never choose a different one...ever.
I usually smell like vanilla. It's my favorite scent.
I'm a sapppp. I cried during Mrs. Doubtfire...sheessh.
My favorite flower is an orchid because in the light they shimmer and it's beautiful.
I believe prayer is vital.
I am a crazy, outgoing, loud, {obnoxious} girl who never takes herself too seriously.
I have high hopes and dreams for myself and I plan to get to those places.
I love life.

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