Sunday, October 10, 2010

I Have Overcome

I just recently graduation from basic combat training in Fort Lenard wood Missouri so I decided to write a little bit about my experience there and share with you some of the great lessons that I learned...

Basic combat training is an intensive ten week course that is designed to turn civilians into soldiers. The skills we learn are intended to prepare us physically and mentally for the hardships of deployment.

So I decided not to go into any great detail of my training in Ft. Lenardwood because it would take you guys three days to read.

I have to start by saying that it was the hardest most challenging thing I have ever done in my life. For lack of a better expression it sucked. But I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. The Army has truly taught me to step outside my comfort zone. It taught me to challenge myself and to step up to my fears and conquer them. For example the second week I was there we had to go through the gas chamber. Which was a horrible yet hilarious experience. I can't really explain to you how it felt to be in there other than it felt like I had a sunburn x 50 and it felt like I was going to was horrible. My point is that as I stood outside that door waiting for the command to enter I was terrified and I wanted to run. But as soon as the door opened I cleared my mind and ran in. They don't give you time to second guess yourself, you do what you are afraid to do and get over the fear later. If they tell you to climb a 60 ft do it, if they tell you to low crawl under live do it. It's one thing that I really came to love about basic training because I came out of it braver and stronger than I ever thought I would be.

So the next big thing for me will be airborne school in January, jumping out of planes at 4,000 feet. Yes, I'm scared but I decided to get over my fears once more and earn my wings.

I will never accept defeat, I will never quit.

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