Friday, December 31, 2010

Praise Report

If you read my blog on a regualar basis you might know that I recently was stationed in Fort Campbell Kentucky (a whole five states away from my family and home in Oregon) and I've been living here for a few weeks without a car. It has been rough because I'm new here and I don't know alot of people and so it's been hard for me to get around. When I joined the army I got a $6,500 bonus and it finally found its home in my bank account! Well $4,300 of it did (taxes) I decided I wanted to spend about $3,500 of it on a car.
So then came searching for a car...

I was going to have my parents do it because I have no idea how to shop for a car. I told them I wanted a honda or a murcury sable. So they did, they went shopping and my dad called me about a 1999 Volvo S80 with 140,000 miles on it. He said it was in great condition and that it would be a great car for me to look into. I assumed that it would be so I told him to look into it more. Well then I called home a few days later and my mom thought that it was a bad idea because its a european car and they are hard to find parts for if any fixin' is needed (trust me I know this, I once owned a pain in the butt audi) and older brother Andrew had said the same thing, that it wasn't a good idea and that there were too many miles on it. My mom also thought that I should be involved in the buying process but wasnt sure when someone would be able to fly down here to help me.

Well my boyfriend is in town and he's 21 and has had experiences in buying cars before so I called home and told my parents that we would be going car shopping the next day. They thought it was a good idea. So that night we went back to my room and started looking up used cars on the internet to see what we should look into the next day.


Everything I was finding had way to much mileage for way too much money. For example: a 2001 honda civic with 140,000 miles for $10,000. I wasa getting so stressed so I decided that we would just go out the next day and see what happened.

A break through!

A little bit later I called home again and my brother Andrew got on the phone and told me that he found a 2001 mercury sable on the internet with 37,000 miles priced at $3,495. YES Im not kidding. My parents looked into it and it was solid so I bought it! I can't believe it just showed up like that. I know I know...its a grandmas car. But I don't care. I'm in love.

it was a steal.

scratch that

it was simply a much needed answered prayer.

The Lord is amazing isn't he?
"This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us-whatever we ask-we know that we have what we have asked of him." - 1John 5:14-15

Fill in the Blank Friday

New Years
>>New Years is (awesome/lame/other)...
Awesome if you find something to do. I usually stay in with my family and watch the ball drop on TV which is always perfectly fine with me, this year I'm going out for the first time and I found a great outfit to wear so hopfully it will be a great night.
>>Last New Years Eve I...
Was at home with my family. My brother was home on leave from Afghanistan which made it really great. I just love seeing him home safe.
>>My New Years resolution is...
Probably just to eat better, cliche I know but its probably for the best. Im also going to learn to take better care of my money. I have three years left in the Army and its a great three years to save up some good money for when I get out so I'm going to start being smarter about money.
>>The best way to spend New Years is...
With people you love. Its the best way to spend any day.
>>My prediction for an up-and-coming trend in 2011 is...
Hmm I'm thinking TIGHTS they were already showing up in 2010 but I think that they are going to get huge. They are the perfect way to accessorize and a perfect way to stand out. I myself own too many pairs and almost never wear a dress or a skirt without them. Tights, tights, tights :)
>>New Years Eve I will...
Probably being going out to dinner with my boyfriend.
>>A new start is...
Refreshing, but can be found any day of the year.
HAPPY NEW YEAR for the 109843594308095th time on here :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tiny messengers

I just love these tiny things!

Oh, what a day. Oh, what a night....Oh, what a year!


Another year has come and gone. Like well, clock work.

As always this year was quite eventful, filled with ups and downs of a lifetime.

I grew up a lot this year, I had to.
I finally made it through four years of high school
and I FINALLY made it through nine weeks of basic training
HAHA trust me, basic training is something else...
but I met some great new friends that got me through every second of it.
Especially Jessi Bland
*I learned that if a drill sergeant calls you out for rolling your eyes and you KNOW you didn't roll your eyes deal with it. If a drill sergeant said you rolled your rolled your eyes ;)
I realized that my family means way more to me than I ever thought
I have to call my mom almost everyday otherwise I'll go insane.
Since moving to Kentucky I've realized how much I truly miss the ocean and how stupid I was to take advantage of it the way I did when I lived two miles from the beach.
I realized that I'm strong, but being strong doesn't mean that it's never ok to cry
I also realized that the strength comes not from myself but from my God
I realized that my hair will probably never grow longer than it is now, I haven't cut it since I went to Paris in 2009 and it's still practically the same length as it was two years ago
I realized that it is so much easier to move on from a relationship the sooner you realize that they were never meant to be yours, they belong to someone else and you, you belong to someone else as well. Sometimes it stings a little but once you realize this, you're golden
I realized that I really don't hate dogs and now I want a puppy
I realized how amazing my boyfriend really is for spending Christmas away from his family to be be with me because I had to be away from mine. It was the most heartbreaking experience, to be away for the holidays but last year my older brother was in Afghanistan for Christmas so I can no longer complain. AND I also realized that next year the WHOLE family should be together.
I realized that I really do want to peruse a career in fashion design and I can't wait to get started
I realized that the army is a good stepping stone and it made my skin a little thicker
I realized that I will forever be obsessed with vintage clothing, theatre, and traveling, but I also realized this in 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, and so on....
I realized that every year comes with its highlights and its low lights but making the best of it where ever you are in life is what helps you to grow as a person.

Highlight of my year:
Seeing my brother Andrew g
et off that plane from Afghanistan without a single scratch. God bless him for being so brave.

And to him and the other infrantry soldier in my life: I may be in the army along side you two but I will never be able to call myself a soldier after what you two have encountered and conquered. I take my hat off to you two.

Whats to come in 2011?

1. Airborne school, got to jump out of those plaannesss
2. Buying a car :)
4. Spending Christmas with my entire family together
5. HAWAII????????????
*Still will be calling my mom everyday.

God bless you all in the new Year, and the years to follow.

Welcome the New Year in Style

Bring in the New Year with some sparkle and some shimmer.
The other day I went shopping to pick out an outfit for New Years.
When I think about New Years I think of glamour, shimmer, sparkle, and sophistication.


I wanted the perfect outfit.

One long day of shopping and one tired boyfriend later I found it and wanted to share it with the rest of you.
I LOVE the color of this shirt. Its sort of like a light lavender color, goes great with blonde hair. The shimmer matches perfect with the gold thread in the tweed skirt.

This picture of this skirt DOES not do it justice. Its beautiful. It's an off white tweed skirt with shimmering gold threaded accents. It's probably the closest you can get to Chanel without putting a hole in your bank account.

These shoes were acctually found first. I saw them and I was going to try my hardest to walk away from them but then the sales clerk asked me if I wanted to try them on so I thought,

"what the heck?"

Love and first sight, and love at first fitting.

I took them right then and there...

I love this outfit because to me it just spells out classy, eligant, and sophisticated yet it also has all that sparkle that should be flaunted on New Years Eve. I can't wait to wear it out.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas

Happy New YEAR!

Monday, December 27, 2010

If I Had a Million Dollars

I'd be RICH...


I would fly home.


This is my BEAUTIFUL family...

Where you can find all of my best friends.

Home Sweet Home

Home is where the heart is...literally. And we never really stop to think about it until our body is truly one place and our heart is in another.
Story of my life: Trying my hardest to get stationed in Fort Lewis Washington. Five hours from my home in Oregon
I was origonally supposed to be stationed in Germany, don't get me wrong for one second! It would have been amazing! But I'm still just a baby, and I couldn't imagine being that far away from home. So I signed up for airborne school in hopes to get put in First group located in Fort Lewis but instead I was put in Fifth Group located in Fort Campbell Kentucky.
I tried so hard to go back home. I'm terrified of jumping out of a plane but I was willing to do it to be back home. So now I'm stuck in Kentucky STILL having to jump out of a plane next month and I'm STILL a whole plane ride away from home.
My Family: THE best this world has to offer. I promise.
I just moved into these new barracks ( if you don't know what those are, they are like appartments for single soldiers living on post) and the other day I had a complete melt down because I had no food, no bedding, no nothing, oh and no car to go and get these things. I called around to the few people I know here to try and find a ride but no one could help me.
only thing that came to my mind is how much I just wanted to call up my Boppa (grandpa) to come and help me. That man would give any stranger the shirt off his back. See I grew up in a small town. I had family two blocks down in almost every direction and we help eachother out no matter what. Here I don't have that and my heart longs for it back.
Maybe I'm supposed to grow up a little bit. Maybe God has some other plans for me. Maybe I should just trust in him and use this as an opportunity to explore new things in life. I know he will get me back home someday for good. Or close to it.
Have faith, Have faith, Have faith....

Saturday, December 25, 2010

On With the Dance, Let Joy be Unconfined

[ba-ley, bal-ey]
A classical dance form characterized by grace and precision of movement and by elaborate formal gestures, steps, and poses

Magical Inspiring


My obsession...

Thursday, December 2, 2010


This is me...

I am happy, alot. And its probably because I was blessed with the most amazing family.

"If my heart was a house you'd be home"

I proudly wear both combat boots and heels. Just because I'm in the Army doesn't mean I ever lost my sense of style. I love vintage clothing and The Phantom of the Opera. I'm a ComPlete girly girl.

I someday want to be a mother and at that I'll be a good one because...

I will give them my whole heart.

I think "When I look at you" is one of the most beautiful songs and although Miley Cyrus may sing it to her boyfriend, I would sing it to my God because it just makes sense.

"You appear just like a dream to me
Just like kaleidoscope colors that prove to me
All I need, every breath that I breathe
Don't you know, you're beautiful."

*I speak my mind. But not at work ;)

I miss painting my nails the way I used to.

People ask me alot if because I joined the military during a time of war if I'm scared.

The Lord will guard me, so no.

"The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold, of whom shall I be afraid?"

I want a puppy. but I can't have one in the barracks :(


1. Train
2. Owl City
3. Casting Crowns
4. Bruno Mars
5. John Mayer...[duh.]

I am absolutely 100 percent TERRIFIED of snakes...Iwishtheywouldalldie.

Someday I want a tattoo...

"They will mount up on wings like eagles"
on the inside of my left arm

I love the Army but I can't decide if I want to stay because I want to be a fashion designer but I also want to become a psychologist because I like to pick at peoples brains and figure out why they are the way they are. I also want to help women in abusive relationships find a permanent way out. It's a good thing I have time to decide because I'm young and I have a lot of crazy life ahead of me.

What ever I choose to do I know I will succeed.

Because thats just who I am...

"when I have faith in myself I am so strong, I believe I can move mountains."

I'm different, but thats ok...I like the road less traveled.