Monday, December 27, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Home is where the heart is...literally. And we never really stop to think about it until our body is truly one place and our heart is in another.
Story of my life: Trying my hardest to get stationed in Fort Lewis Washington. Five hours from my home in Oregon
I was origonally supposed to be stationed in Germany, don't get me wrong for one second! It would have been amazing! But I'm still just a baby, and I couldn't imagine being that far away from home. So I signed up for airborne school in hopes to get put in First group located in Fort Lewis but instead I was put in Fifth Group located in Fort Campbell Kentucky.
I tried so hard to go back home. I'm terrified of jumping out of a plane but I was willing to do it to be back home. So now I'm stuck in Kentucky STILL having to jump out of a plane next month and I'm STILL a whole plane ride away from home.
My Family: THE best this world has to offer. I promise.
I just moved into these new barracks ( if you don't know what those are, they are like appartments for single soldiers living on post) and the other day I had a complete melt down because I had no food, no bedding, no nothing, oh and no car to go and get these things. I called around to the few people I know here to try and find a ride but no one could help me.
only thing that came to my mind is how much I just wanted to call up my Boppa (grandpa) to come and help me. That man would give any stranger the shirt off his back. See I grew up in a small town. I had family two blocks down in almost every direction and we help eachother out no matter what. Here I don't have that and my heart longs for it back.
Maybe I'm supposed to grow up a little bit. Maybe God has some other plans for me. Maybe I should just trust in him and use this as an opportunity to explore new things in life. I know he will get me back home someday for good. Or close to it.
Have faith, Have faith, Have faith....

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