Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oh, what a day. Oh, what a night....Oh, what a year!


Another year has come and gone. Like well, clock work.

As always this year was quite eventful, filled with ups and downs of a lifetime.

I grew up a lot this year, I had to.
I finally made it through four years of high school
and I FINALLY made it through nine weeks of basic training
HAHA trust me, basic training is something else...
but I met some great new friends that got me through every second of it.
Especially Jessi Bland
*I learned that if a drill sergeant calls you out for rolling your eyes and you KNOW you didn't roll your eyes deal with it. If a drill sergeant said you rolled your rolled your eyes ;)
I realized that my family means way more to me than I ever thought
I have to call my mom almost everyday otherwise I'll go insane.
Since moving to Kentucky I've realized how much I truly miss the ocean and how stupid I was to take advantage of it the way I did when I lived two miles from the beach.
I realized that I'm strong, but being strong doesn't mean that it's never ok to cry
I also realized that the strength comes not from myself but from my God
I realized that my hair will probably never grow longer than it is now, I haven't cut it since I went to Paris in 2009 and it's still practically the same length as it was two years ago
I realized that it is so much easier to move on from a relationship the sooner you realize that they were never meant to be yours, they belong to someone else and you, you belong to someone else as well. Sometimes it stings a little but once you realize this, you're golden
I realized that I really don't hate dogs and now I want a puppy
I realized how amazing my boyfriend really is for spending Christmas away from his family to be be with me because I had to be away from mine. It was the most heartbreaking experience, to be away for the holidays but last year my older brother was in Afghanistan for Christmas so I can no longer complain. AND I also realized that next year the WHOLE family should be together.
I realized that I really do want to peruse a career in fashion design and I can't wait to get started
I realized that the army is a good stepping stone and it made my skin a little thicker
I realized that I will forever be obsessed with vintage clothing, theatre, and traveling, but I also realized this in 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, and so on....
I realized that every year comes with its highlights and its low lights but making the best of it where ever you are in life is what helps you to grow as a person.

Highlight of my year:
Seeing my brother Andrew g
et off that plane from Afghanistan without a single scratch. God bless him for being so brave.

And to him and the other infrantry soldier in my life: I may be in the army along side you two but I will never be able to call myself a soldier after what you two have encountered and conquered. I take my hat off to you two.

Whats to come in 2011?

1. Airborne school, got to jump out of those plaannesss
2. Buying a car :)
4. Spending Christmas with my entire family together
5. HAWAII????????????
*Still will be calling my mom everyday.

God bless you all in the new Year, and the years to follow.

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