Sunday, January 30, 2011

Believe all ogre again

Ok so I thought I would rave about Shrek the Musical a little bit. I went up to Nashville to see a showing of it and it was so GREAT! So entertaining on so many different levels. The music was fantastic, the costumes were amazing, and it was so hilarious. It was really right up there with the other two I have seen. I saw Beauty and the Beast in New York City and I saw Mamma Mia back home in Oregon. Over all it just made a great musical. Gosh I just love Broadway!! Coming soon to Nashville is Cats and then The Color Purple! I cant wait!

Warning: I would say it would be ok to take a younger child to this musical but it does get a little crude sometimes. But its probably humor that a child wouldnt understand anyways, but just be forewarned.

Favorite Lines from the play:

A little dwarf was being forced to live in Shrek's swamp. She wasnt too happy..
She yells out "it smells like butt!"

Donkey is singing to Shrek about how well the two of them go together.
"We go together like donuts and...wait what goes well with donuts?....diabetes!!"

Shrek is in the castle about to rescue Fiona and she is asleep on her bed.
Shrek says: "great I got one of the snoozers"

Pinocchio was talking to the wicked witch.

Pinocchio: Jimminy cricket would know what to do.

Wicked witch: Jimminy cricket doesnt know a thing.

Pinocchio: Hey he was a good guy.

Wicked witch: Yeah well if he was so smart he would have seen that windshield coming.

I cant explain to you how funny it really is.. Just go watch it!!!

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