Sunday, January 30, 2011


{day eighteen}
A picture of something that has recently had a huge impact on your life.

Joining the army. I put two pictures up to show you guys my class A's and my acu's. I actually dont where a black beret anymore like you see in the first picture. I wear the maroon one that you see in the second picture. Conventional army wears black and airborne units wear maroon. If you are a special forces guy then you will wear a green beret. But most of the army wears black. Anyways very big impact on my life. Its a big change from civilian to soldier. My job is stressful but I love it for the time being. Alot of the times if Im traveling in uniform I will get bumped up to first class or people will come shake my hand and thank me. I dont deserve it one bit because I havent been deployed yet but it sure makes me feel good. It makes me feel like all of the rough things I have gone through since joining are worth it.

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