Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Favorite Memory

{day five}
A picture of your favorite memory

Ok so I have alot of favorite memories and this just happens to be one of the most recent ones. These are my favorite people in the ENTIRE world along with a few others that aren't pictured but seriously these are my best friends. In this picture we happen to be taking a road trip to Seattle for a very special reason. TO WELCOME ANDREW HOME HE IS HOME SAFE FROM AFGHANISTAN!! I know I talk about this alot but it was a long year with him being gone and my brother is an infantry soldier (that's army talk for right in the middle of the combat zone 24/7) And I swear on all that is holy if anything would have happened to him it would have paralyzed me. But God is good and brought him home safely! This picture was also taken before I left home for the army as well and I miss still living at home and seeing these people almost any time that I want to. Growing up isn't fun sometimes. Anyways I love this picture, I have a huge smile on my face. I was SO happy!

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