Friday, January 28, 2011

Fill in the blank Friday!

1. If my house was on fire and I could only grab three things I would grab my bear. Thats probably the only seriously important thing that I brought with me to Kentucky. All the rest of it is at my parents house. But yeah my bear and if I had to say two other things I would say my coach bag and my iphone because I spent wayyyy too much money on them to just let them burn!!

2. A smell I really like is vanilla. Its the scent that I wear the most. And when I buy candles (because im obsessed) I only buy really warm scents like caramel, apple pie, vanilla, etc. I really love warm smells. The kind that remind you of being home during Christmas time.

3. Something you might not know about me is that I have two spleens. Yes! I know who needs even one spleen? But the fact is, is that I have two and I know this because I had a kidney infection once and they found it in the ultrasound. But the really funny story to this is that before I was born my grandpa got into a skiing accident and they removed his spleen. Guess I will always have a piece of him in me :) metaphorically speaking.

4. My favorite websites to putter about on are clothing websites because I love to do online shopping which isnt healthy haha. Anthropologie, Free People, American Eagle are most visited. Also I love youtube because as you can probably tell I love blogs and I love vlogs. So there are a few gals that I follow on there my favorites being. LovePeaceandLipgloss and MichellePhan.

5. This weekend I will be going to see Shrek the Musical in Nashville. My sweet boyfriend knows how much I love Broadway and bought me a ticket. I will also be running and sleeping.

6. Nothing makes me happier when Im with my whole family. I seriously cannot say it enough. They are my whole world. But Im also happy when I am eating cheesecake, I just finished running a long distance, Im holding a baby, at a show, Im shopping, Im reading vogue, Im sleeping, Im NOT wearing acu's :)

7. A bad habit I have is spending too much money...what can I say? Im a shopper.

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