Monday, January 17, 2011

In the summertime the song sings itself

I need it to be summertime.


Sunkissed skin and the smell of coconuts
Cotton dresses and jean shorts
Sunglasses and gladiator's
Sand and beach
Light breeze and blue skies
Cartwheels and picnics
BBQ's and sleeping under the stars
Riding bicycles
Going home.

This summer I am going home on leave, back to Florence Oregon for two weeks! I get to see two of my best friends graduate high school and I get to see one of them off to basic training (joining the army is like a disease that runs in my family, it's the cool thing to do I guess haha) My beautiful cousin Hollie is turning 20! I can't believe it because just yesterday we were seven causing trouble together. I get to see alot of friends that I haven't seen in ages. I'm going to lay on the beach with a lemonade and a good book. I'm going to go out shopping with my mom and go out shooting with my dad. I'm going to sleep in past 6:00 on a week day. It's going to be a lovely time and I'm going to spend the entire two weeks wearing anything but acu's and combat boots :)

After that over the 4th of July weekend I'm going to Massachusetts to meet my boyfriends family for the first time! How amazing is Cape Cod going to be on the 4th of July? Beautiful I can only imagine.

Summer's in my past:

I love to think back on my childhood during the summertime. It brings tears to my eyes really because it reminds me of simply how beautiful life is and how beautiful life's memories are. I would climb trees all day in the hot sun with my two brothers, I would ride bicycles with my best friend, I would build sandcastles in the sand with my cousins and when we were hungry we would go inside my Nanna's house and she would give us all a fudgecycle she ALWAYS had them in stalk, I would take my dog Callie for a walk, my aunt Susan would take us kids to the lake and we would always stop to get snacks along the way, my Dad would come out and push me on the tire swing I had outside my house while we lived in New York, my Mom would call us in from a long day of exploring and fun
to feed us a well needed dinner.

Even this past summer while I spent half of my summer in basic combat training its a summer that I will never forget because I spent that summer bettering myself, making myself stronger. I met some of the greatest people I think I will ever meet in my life and I learned alot of great things out in that hot Missouri weather. Plus you have NOT seen real beauty in a butterfly until you have seen one in the great outdoors of Missouri.

summertime is a special time to just soak in the wonders of life and the beauty in this world that God created. It's like every thing is care free this time of year like you don'
t have to worry about a thing because honestly...

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