Thursday, January 13, 2011

Instead of running away..

I've noticed that often I have stumbled upon things in my life that terrify me.

Things that I am sure I will never get through or never conquer.


graduating high school, moving out of my parents house, going through basic combat training, falling in love, moving to a new state, getting over my fear of snakes, jumping from an airplane, letting people see the real complete me..

these and much more not mentioned are all fears that I once had or still possess.

and I want to work on it. I want to be fearless and trust in God to get me through tough challenges that come my way. I don't want to be the girl running away anymore.

When facing something completely bigger than myself I want to run towards it and dip my toes, scratch that....dive into sweet victory. After what makes a victory sweet if there is no
challenge, no fear involved?

The shore seems so safe next to the bigger than life waters that rush in beside it, but I want to be brave, I want to run into the waves and wade in past my knees and past my thighs...I want to wet my hair in something bigger than myself, something less safe than the boring sand.

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