Monday, February 7, 2011

Dear Kentucky, you may be growing on me

This weekend Derek and I took a road trip to pick up my car from a friends house. Well we didnt get to pick up the car (this is a long story that I may or may not tell later) but I have to say I had a great time. Driving through miles and miles of Kentucky farmland with country music playing on the radio. It was a beautiful cloudless day and the red barns on the top of grassy green hills were just a lovely sight. Now Im more of a city girl myself but every small town we drove through were the cutest little towns and when you stop for something to eat you get that nice southern hospitality. Kentucky may be growing on me because I have come to find out that its a gorgeous state and I can tell that during the summertime its going to be to die for! But in the end its missing a few things. My family and the Ocean...and just the fact that it sure isnt the West Coast!!!!!

but for now i think i will try and enjoy my time here.

dear kentucky, you may be growing on me but you will never be home :)

love, gabrielle

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