Friday, February 11, 2011

Fill in the blank Friday!

1. The TV show/website that I watch/read that I would be embarrassed to tell anyone about is nothing really. I love Desperate Housewives and Pretty Little Liars but Im not really embarrassed about that. Although one show I really think is HILARIOUS is Wipeout!! but I dont know if Im really embarrassed about that either ;)

2. An item of clothing that is worn and torn but that I love far too much to throw away is this one specific pair of jeans from American Eagle..they fit me like a frickin glove. Well I have only had them for about a year but I wear them ALL the time, because well they are the perfect pair of jeans. I will still wear them when I am forty.

3. My grocery store impulse buy is Oreo's without a doubt. But double stuffed...the regular ones are lame. I buy a package every time I go grocery shopping. I eat a pretty healthy diet but having one or two Oreo's after dinner helps me stay on track because you CANNOT just throw sweet out of your diet all together. It can make one go crazy.

4. Something I do at work to pass the time that I wouldnt want my co workers to know about is Angry Birds...ok yes, I play Angry Birds at work...bad idea, Sergeant Major works just down the hall haha ooppps.

5. One thing in my life that I could give up but never will is Oreo's :)

6. A little indulgence I have is buying shoes. About every other paycheck I will buy a pair of shoes, beautiful shoes. Shoes, shoes, shoes!!! Next on the list (Ill put a picture up later) are these amazing little lace-up moto boots from American Eagle!! OMG I am in love!

7. The junk drawer in my house is filled with crayons, colored pencils, sketch books, scissors, coloring books, tape..lots of artsy crafty stuff.


  1. Oh noooo now I'm craving Oreos! I haven't had them in ages. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  2. I unfortunately gave up Oreos over a year ago... it was sad. But I love them too much and can't control myself around them! They're too good.


    {There's a giveaway going on over at my blog love to see you there!}

  3. I love Wipeout! I record it because I have school on the night it's on. But it's good to watch when I need a laugh.

  4. Angry Birds!! That was on my list of things I do at work too! So addictive haha