Monday, February 14, 2011

Heres to those who love to love

I have to admit that I always found the concept of Valentines day a little cheesy. Not that its not sweet or anything I just never knew what all the fuss was about. But this year I have had a sudden change of heart, not that I know why but I just wanted to say....

Here's to love.

here is to the young lovers, and the seasoned lovers. here is to the boy still chasing that girl, and to the the girl still chasing that boy. here is to the single girl that reads pride and prejudice by candle light hoping one day to find her mr. darcy. here is to the lovers trying to make it work. here are to the lovers loving long distance. here is to the soldiers fighting to come back home to their wives, and to the soldiers fighting to come back home to their husbands. here is to fairy tales and love letters. here is to past love, to present love, and to future love.

here is to those who love to love, and to those who never stop fighting for it.

Happy Valentines day all you love crazy fools :)

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