Thursday, February 24, 2011

Brothers and Sisters

Just today I came across this picture of my two brothers. (Hayden on the left and Andrew on the Right) and I just cant believe how much they have both grown up. Hayden is now 16 and hes driving, DRIVING! Like on his own! Although he could probably run everywhere if he wanted to. He runs cross country and track and he is so great at it. And on top of all this he has matured so well over the past few years and he is just becoming a great young man!

Andrew is now 20 and when I look at this picture I think back to this time and I would have never in a million years guessed that one day he would be fighting for his country the way he has. I am as proud as him as I ever could be and it just brings me to tears, and he is so humble about it. If you walked up to him and shook his hand to thank him he would look at you, shrug his shoulders, and say "eh, its whatever" and it just amazes me. Hes about to get his e-5 (He will be a Sergeant) and I couldnt be happier for him!

I love these two guys so much and I miss spending time with them. We can talk about anything with eachother and I cant wait to be seeing them again. I couldnt be happier to share blood with these two brothers of mine.

This is a picture of my two brothers today. Boy have they grown. Where do you think the time goes? Oh and sorry ladies, both these guys are taken by pretty amazing girls ;)

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  1. GABBIE!
    this is hayden on caities blog thing because i dont have one because im not gay, haha
    anyway i love you sooooo much and i cant wait to see you wednesday:)