Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Time, high school, army...well all of the above.

I was looking through an old friends pictures and I came across a picture of us in the ninth grade. And I thought to myself, "where in the world did all the time go?" seriously who knew back then that it would have gone by so fast? I remember always biting at the bit to graduated high school. I just wanted out so bad! My dad used to always say to me "Gabrielle, dont wish this time in your life away" and now I wish I hadnt, not that the time would have gone by any slower but maybe I could have savored things more. Like prom or the homecoming football game. Or a good softball game, I havent stepped foot on a softball field in almost a year and it feels so much longer than that. And I miss those days, "the easy days" when all I had to worry about was the test on friday or a bad hair day.

Things in life should be savored like stopping to smell the flowers or listen to the bee's buzz.

I think what brought this up, more importantly than the picture is the fact that I am stressed beyond belief about passing airborne school. And how Im starting to think about how hard life is now. Living on my own, always having to be on time, never taking a sick day...oh wait whats a sick day in the army? And passing airborne school. The fact is, is that I dont even deserve to wear that maroon beret on my head because I havent jumped from a plane yet, I havent earned my spot in the unit yet. I leave for airborne school next week and my run is not that great, and if you havent heard THATS ALL THEY DO IN JUMP SCHOOL. They run here, there, everywhere. And I cannot fail at this because I havent failed at anything in my entire life. Which gives me hope because I hate giving up and I refuse to do it at this school. Accomplishments worth talking about take hard work and I plan to put my whole heart and soul into this. Besides the Lord will be with me the whole time. "I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength" Its time to keep my head up and stop thinking I am going to fail. The Lord will not let me fail.

Wow this went from missing high school to airborne school. This shows how random I can actually be. but let me tie it all together for you.

My point is, is that hardships come and hardships go. But wishing your time away while the hardships are current isnt the answer. Because regardless it is precious time given to you and its during these times that....

you really get to see what you are made of.

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