Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Time well spent

So I realize that I have been gone lately...from the blog world and the reason being is that my Momma came to visit!!

She came and stayed with me for about a week and e seriously had a blast. We went to Nashville and stayed at a four star hotel right in the middle of downtown. We shopped out little brains out and just ran around being merry. We caught up over many dinners and drove all the way to Paris Tennessee to see and 60 foot Eiffel tower!! Haha now we just need to see the one in Vegas and we will have seen all of them ;) we had a good laugh!

My mom is seriously one of my best friends and I had such a good time with her.
I had to drop her off at the airport this afternoon and it wasn't fun. The worst part about saying goodbye to someone is when you get back home and their shoes aren't laying out on the floor anymore, their tooth brush isn't sitting on the sink anymore, and worst of all you are all by yourself. I hate's like you have to start the heeling process all over again!

I miss my MOM! but it was definitely time well spent...and we will be seeing eachother once again shortly :)

My cousin Caitie is coming to visit next in two weeks!! I really don't have it that bad here because I have great people who care enough to come visit me whenever they can!

I am blessed with the BEST family and the BEST boyfriend!

and I promise to get back into my regular blog rhythm..until then, you all have a wonderful rest of the day :)

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