Saturday, April 30, 2011

I fly.

Hey guys! I'm back! I was away at airborne school in Fort Benning Georgia for thre
e weeks and was very limited on internet and sleep so I didn't have much time to blog while I was there. But now I am back at Fort Campbell and boy, am I ever so happy!

Georgia was soooo HOT and HUMID and in airborne school there is seriously no such thing as walking...literally. You run everywhere. I think we probably ran at least five miles a day. In that heat it was terrible.

But I made it and let me just say I owe it all to my God. I would have never made it through without his helping hand. He sent me some of the greatest people to encourage me daily. And when I was up in that plane 1,250 feet up in the air getting ready to jump out for the first time he flooded my heart and mind with courage. I was also extremely blessed bec
ause my dad was able to come and watch all five of my jumps. I felt a little more at ease knowing he was down there waiting for me.

What is it like, you must want to know?

So in airborne school we jump by static line which is a 15 foot rope that is attached to the back of your parachute on one end and the other end is attacked to a cable running overhead in the plane. So when you jump out of the plane your parachute is pulled open automatically (it takes 4 to 6 seconds depending on what type of parachute you are using) Anyways the jumping: It really isn't that bad considering you are so high up because once you jump from the plane the wind is so strong that it sucks you out like a vacuum cleaner (the place is traveling at about 150 mph) and so it doesnt even feel like you are even falling and before you even know it your parachute is open. After that all the noise of the airplane is gone and immediately everything is just peaceful. You just float there in the air
with nothing but the sound of the breeze. Its amazing really and I would recommend jumping from aircraft to anyone. Even those who are terrified of heights because let me tell you, I was terrified of heights, absolutely. And if you would have told me a year ago that I would be jumping out of a plane I would have looked at you like you were crazy and walked away. But I did it, I really did it and I have a set of wings to prove it! Always remember that with the Lord by your side you can do things beyond your wildest imagination.

Thank you to all who kept me in your prayers, they kept me driving on.

"But they who wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up on wings like eagles; they shall run, and not grow tired; they shall walk and not become weary."

-Isaiah 40:31

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