Tuesday, May 10, 2011

call me old fashion but...

where has the meaning of love ran off to? i dont understand todays society and their views on relationships and love. SEX big issue right? yes with love comes sex and with sex comes love. but its a part of love that needs to wait because it is so delicate and so precious, because it is a way of communicating with your loved one on a completely new out of this world kind of way. it needs to be shared with one person and one person only...your spouse. it really bothers me that today movies, tv shows, music, books, you name it are pressuring people into sex. its the cool thing to do, being a virgin is immature, he or she wont love you unless you sleep with them...its all lies. the Lord wants us to wait to protect us from being hurt. breaking it off with a boyfriend or girlfriend is hard enough but throw sex in the middle and its much much worse. why? because you are emotionally connected to them in a way that can only be reached through sex. it gives a false image of being in love because you are in love with the emotion that sex gives not the person that you are having sex with. so the best thing is to fall in love the right way. LEAVE sex out of it. get to know one anothers hearts and minds first. connect by sharing thoughts, by watching movies together, by holding hands, by whispering secrets to eachother, by kissing, connect by traveling together, by taking pictures together, by learning every little detail about one another. love one another in pure unaltered love first and the rest will come. its a gift that God will gladly give you once you marry your true love.

now for my final thoughts on the matter...(i will be talking from a females point of view)
imagine your wedding day. you have spent all day on your hair and makeup, your gown looks absolutely stunning, you have already had to reapply your mascara twice and you havent even seem the groom yet! now lets back up...groom...yes i said GROOM as in singular, not plural. we grow up and we marry one person. and on that day there is one and only one person on your mind and its that man standing at the end of the isle waiting to make you his wife. because he loves you. now those other guys that you slept with, those guys who broke your heart, they dont love you, you gave them something precious and they dont love you. but the man you are about to marry, he loves you, he treasures, he respects you, and he honors you... and that is the ONLY man that you should ever share your deepest of emotions with.

so, call me old fashion but how precious is it be to be eachothers one and only...how absolutely precious...