Thursday, May 26, 2011

There comes a time when everyone should realize..

That happiness does not come out of a pill bottle. Or that a shot or two of whiskey isn't going to make the pain stop, when you wake up in the morning the elephant is still sitting on your shoulders.

that the girl with the blue hair is beautiful...and so are you.

that faith is stronger than the ocean tide and that trusting in God will get you through your worst struggles.

that fear is easier to overcome than you think. just jump...

that you're going to get your heart broken. learn from it. move on. be happy.

that laughter can heal heartache.

that finding yourself is about making mistakes but also about making the right choices. its about facing your fears and your struggles with determination in your heart, its about wearing that bright green nail polish and that little crop top that no one else has the guts to rock out. its about letting go and being ok with who you are because that's the way that our perfect God made you.

realize that you are special, beautiful, charming.....a dream ♥

baby you were born this way.

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