Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bryan Matthew

Tomorrow me and my boyfriend Bryan will have been together for six month. I cant believe its already been six months but at the same time I cant believe its only been six months. It seems like ive known him my whole life. He is my best friend. He is truly the only man i have ever loved and will ever love.

So to you Bryan...

Happy six months sweetheart. This has probably been the longest six months of my life (in the best way) because of you i am finally happy with my place in life. You make my heart smile and with each passing day i fall more and more in love with you. in your arms, i feel safe. like nothing could ever hurt me. i love each and everything about you. your eyes, your SMILE, your laugh. i love all of our tiny traditions we have made with eachother whether its getting frozen caramel macchiato's and bagels before church every sunday or running to walmart on a late saturday night to grab five dollar movies. i love laughing with you uncontrollably and having long conversations with you late into the night. i can be my complete self with complete CRAZY self. it was never my plan to end up out of all places in fort campbell kentucky or even go to airborne school. but i thank God for every little detour that he put in my path to led me to you. clearly he has better plans for us than we have for ourselves because you are beyond my wildest dreams.

because we both chose this life in the military i have to know that there are going to be some times where we are separated. even though i will never truly be prepared for it i have to know. so whatever comes our way we will overcome it and i will always, always be waiting for you at the end of it. you stole my heart a long time ago and whether we are together or apart its yours. God is always on our side and we can get through anything.

honey i love you so so much and im looking forward to many more months and many more years at your side.



Hi i'm gabrielle. i've been a horrible blogger for the past six months but i'm back ;)