Saturday, March 3, 2012


I know that lately I have been a terrible blogger but today I have some big news :)

On January 28th I got engaged!! To my best friend I might add! We have been talking about getting married for awhile now and I knew it was coming because he was gentleman enough to ask my dad first. But of course no matter how much you talk about it and how much you know it's coming nothing will beat the actual moment. So we went down to the river in Clarksville, TN and he taught me how to skip rocks and then we just walked and talked for a long while. Then he stopped me and started asking me questions like how I felt about spending forever with him. Then in these exact words he said "You are my girl but I would much rather you be my wife" and the HE GOT ON ONE KNEE and said "Gabrielle Elizabeth Schaffner will you marry me?" and pulled out a ring!! The tears started and I just cried for a little bit and he said "honey I need a verbal response" and then I let it all out. " YES of course YES YES YES!!"

So anyways I am now an engeged woman and I am loving it. I am so so in LOVE with Bryan and I cant wait to marry him. In a perfect world we would be getting married in just a few months but we are both service members and Bryan was just deployed to Afghanistan on the 24th of February for a year. So of course I will be back here waiting for his return and there will be lots of wedding planning while I wait :)

Heres the ring guys in all its beauty :) I sure am blessed!!!

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