Saturday, December 29, 2012

This Old House

Well another Christmas vacation has come and gone. Tomorrow Bryan and I will head back to Tennessee, back to work. I always find it hard to leave home knowing that I won't be back for another six months to a year. Between this visit and the last my Boppa and Nanna (grandparents) moved to a new house and my parents moved into their house so this is where I have been for the past two weeks. I've been visiting this house for twenty-one years and I LOVE this house. Every time I walk up the stairs my heart smiles. I cant explain it but the front door makes this strange sound when it's opened and there's a few places in the house that creak as you walk over them. There's a room in the house with windows from the floor to the ceiling and the ceiling is so high that it's allowed us to have a nine foot Christmas tree for the past two years! The front of the house looks out to the river and when we were kids, on the way into town my parents would drop us kids off and we would run over the sand dunes that separate the house from that river and my parents would meet us on the other side and we would all go inside together to see Boppa and Nanna! I'm going to have a hard time leaving this time because I don't know the next time that I will be back. Because I am a child living in an adults body these things are always hard for me. So as I swallow this lump in my throat I have to remember that God puts people in our lives and not objects. You know in the sun room, Boppa used to sit in this black leather chair and do crossword puzzles. I haven't seen that chair in years but he still does those puzzle games. My mother is still the most amazing cook no matter whose stove she's cooking on and Hayden can still make me pee my pants laughing weather we are sitting in the family room at home or a random hotel room. I can still share old memories and talk about present life with my dad on a long walk outside and Andrew can still make me smile all the way from afghanistan. I make new memories everyday with Bryan in my little apartment in Tennessee. I love that house but I love the people inside that house even more and I can feel their love for me a thousand miles away. I thank God for these people, for the memories that we made together inside that house, for the memories made outside that house, and the memories TO COME!

God bless you all as you make your own memories in this new year :)

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