Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Miss Dependent

I just got done reading an Amazing book called Spoken For by two lovely authors Robin Jones Gunn and Alyssa Joy Bethke. I loved this book so much that I read it in two days and that's only because the first day I started reading it I had to work the next day and it was getting too late to keep reading! These two women have a beautiful way with words and they painted a beautiful picture of God's love for us. One thing that really stuck out to me was in Chapter five the two authors pointed out how "Society tells us to be independent, self-sufficient, liberated individuals" BUT that is not who or what we were created to be. So in total agreement with these women let me elaborate.

now I know this always makes everyone's head spin but we were created by God (three in one) the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. So reality is that God himself IS relationship and God himself IS love. Now since we were created in the image of God this means that we were designed to be like God. Meaning we are designed to create, to love, and to be in relationship with God and with one another. we were designed to talk to God, to lean on him, to be in trusting relationship and fellowship with him. we cannot live without him because that is simply not how we were designed.

i get really fed up when I see young women going through break up after break up and all they want to talk about is how they really don't need a man or anyone for that matter in their lives to help them succeed or to help them be happy because they are so independent and all they need in life is to love themselves first and be independent so they never get hurt and blah blah blah. sorry I know that's a little harsh but that's how I feel. can we for one minute stop putting that kind of pressure on other humans and lean on our God instead?

listen. we can't depend on humans because well...they are humans and at one point they are going to let you down one way or another. and we certainly can't depend on ourselves because we let people down too we even let ourselves down form time to time now matter how hard we "try" I have been happily married for almost two years now and let me tell you how many times I or my husband have wanted to pull our hair out..but because my husband and I lean into our God and depend on him to get through hard times our marriage has really flourished. we are continually blessed over and over again.

i think a lot of times if jobs don't work out, if boyfriends break up with us, if your friend lets you down we feel unwanted and worthless. is it ok to want to feel wanted and valued? of course! we were designed that way! here is the thing though. we need to understand that this unfailing love and want first comes from Christ. I believe with all my heart that God strategically places people in our lives who love us and want us as well for example our parents, spouses, children. but as soon as someone let us down we automatically want to give up, crawl in a hole, and depend on ourselves and no one else. we want to become completely independent so we don't get hurt. instead of running to our healer.

so I guess what I hope you get out of reading this is that we can never be so independent that we forget to involve Christ. it will lead to heartache and emptiness. and the good news of the day is that God is right behind us. always. and I really mean always. he wants us and loves us. he doesn't think you are worthless he designed you and carefully crafted you to be YOU! so even when we try to do our own thing and go our own way he is in constant pursuit of us. how awesome is that? we have this endless support system from our divine and perfect creator who (get this) will never ever let us down because he loves us THAT much.

so put your dependence in Christ not your boyfriend or girlfriend not your husband or your wife not your children or your parents and certainly NOT yourself

put it all in Christ.

all your baggage all your worried and your fears all your dreams and desires all your wants and needs

he will take it all and mold it into something beautiful

once your life revolves around our never changing God then everything else will fall into place I promise! also in no way am a saying that you should not have human relationships because it is definitely in God's will for us to have relationships and friendships with one another. just don't idolize them and put them above God. if we depend on him first then he will bless all aspects of our lives.

so I dare you to allow yourself to depend on someone other than yourself. to lose your miss independent mentality and to dive straight into the presence of our King. pray for your relationships, for your dream job, for God's will and you will be severely blessed.

so let me leave you with these words of encouragement

we were created by God we belong to God we are destined for God

know that you are wanted by an unfailing love and in that love you can place all your dependence

rest in this truth

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